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The immune boosting lunch

There’s an annoying case of the sniffles going around my house.  It’s very minor, but it’s there and I’m getting down to the business of getting rid of it.  My kids are starting their week off with a packed lunch that is full of the nutrients that they need to support their immune systems.  Good bye runny noses!

Today’s lunch includes:

1) The Winter Sunshine Smoothie, which is chocked full of vitamin C.  When it comes to the immune system, this vitamin is top of the list.

2) Plain, organic yogurt mixed with a tsp of unsweetened apple butter.  The probiotics in yogurt help to increase the amount of beneficial bacteria in our intestinal tract – they aid digestion, boost the body’s natural defenses and fight off harmful bacteria that can cause health problems.  Yogurt is also a source of zinc, another immune boosting superstar.
Make sure to choose plain yogurt, without sweeteners – then you can add your own flavour without adding refined sugar. (A little bit of pure fruit jam or puree, raw honey or maple syrup also taste great!)

3) A whole grain wrap (watch that it doesn’t contain hydrogenated oils) filled with salmon salad.  The essential omega-3 fatty acids in foods like salmon, flax, walnuts and omega-3 eggs (just to name a few) are anti-inflammatory and immune boosting.  Many of us are deficient in omega-3’s so make sure to include them in your diet regularly.

4) A variety of colourful vegetables!  Of course my children have completely different taste (extra work for me) – red peppers and celery for Sophia, carrots and snap peas for Sam.   Whatever your children’s tastes are, make sure to include some colourful vegetables each day.  Encourage them to eat the rainbow – they will benefit from the phytonutrients, antioxidants and fiber, and so will you – so get munching!

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