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Quinoa and Greens Bowl

This is MY favourite lunch!

Hi friends, I’ve been up to all kinds of trouble lately – how about you, what have you been busy doing?  Recently some of my time has been spent planning a trip to Spain for my family, training for a 100 km hike for Oxfam that takes place in the middle of July (you can still sponsor me!), networking with fellow nutritionists and other like-minded people, volunteering at Sam’s school, and going through a little bit of personal drama.  During this busy time I’ve let several things fall by the wayside (including the dreaded house hold chores – sorry family, but I have a feeling I’m the only one that notices that stuff anyhow).

This past month was a good reminder to me that it’s so easy to get caught up in this crazy life and forget about taking care of numero uno (that would be yourself in case you’re not sure).  So today I’m sharing with you my personal “go to” lunch (or dinner) for those crazy days when you don’t know if you’re coming or going.  This is quick, delicious and nutritious – a meal in one that will give you energy for hours without making you feel sluggish.  After all, if you’re not making time to care for yourself how can you give others your best, am I right?

This recipe is really versatile, you can pretty much use whatever you have on hand as long as you follow the basic guidelines.  Don’t have quinoa?  No problem, millet or brown rice work well too – I personally prefer to use quinoa when my pantry is stocked though, because it is an easy to digest, complete protein that cooks quickly.  No kale?  No fear – spinach, bok choy, swiss chard, pretty much any greens will do.  You get the idea…I encourage you to try the sacha inchi seeds (Savi Seeds) called for in the recipe.  They are a great source of energy and omega fats as well as protein.


This makes enough for two lunches, so you can share or have enough ready for the next day!  It’s good warm or cold.


1 1/2 cups of cooked quinoa (or other favourite cooked whole grain)

3 cups of lightly steamed mixed greens – I used a mixture of kale and broccoli and  added some chopped carrots for colour

1 cup of diced raw vegetables – cucumbers, tomatoes and avocado (or your favourites)

1/4 cup of mixed raw seeds – pumpkin, sunflower and sacha inchi seeds (otherwise know as Savi Seeds)

3-4 tablespoons of the tahini dressing used in my kale chips recipe

2 teaspoons of grated, fresh ginger (or to taste)


Divide all of the ingredients equally into two bowls.  Toss together and serve.

Park yourself in a comfy chair and take the time to really enjoy your lunch!

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