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Market meals

Happy summer holidays!  How is your summer going so far?  We had a terrific weekend camping with our friends – beaching, biking, hanging out, and plenty of eating.  Camping eating isn’t always the healthiest though, so in an attempt to get excited about some fruits and vegetables I took the kids to my favourite organic farmers’ market this week.  After a visit to the wading pool, some quality time with the farm animals and a little trail exploration, we perused the various booths at the market.

I just love talking to the farmers and feeling the passion they have for the food they grow.  The man who sold me freshly unearthed baby potatoes still had dirt under his fingernails (that may seem unhygienic but in this setting it just feels right)!  We had dessert before dinner:  sheep milk ice cream for the kiddos (soooo delicious, I had to sample), sweet potato donuts (crispy on the outside, and a sweet potato surprise on the inside, yum!), organic strawberries and a honey stick each.

With bellies satisfied from our dessert snacks, we set out to shop for dinner ingredients.  Everyone got to choose something, but it had to work out to be a balanced meal.  I love the results: one loaf of St. John’s walnut raisin sourdough bread, new potatoes, shelling peas, heirloom tomatoes, pressed sheep ricotta cheese, yellow zucchini, sweet and sour tofu, apricots and the absolute winner of the day:  quail eggs.

Quail eggs are a new discovery for me.  The family whose booth we bought them at explained all the health benefits of quail eggs compared to chicken eggs, none of which I recall because I was too distracted by how cute the little eggs are!  Here are some of the nutritional points that I remember:  they are a great source of protein, vitamins B1 and B2, iron and potassium.  When I asked how to prepare them I was told to eat them raw to preserve all the nutrients (for the first time round I decided to hard boil them though).


Sure, our dinner could have been healthier – no leafy greens present in this meal – but we ate real food, grown by people that we met and talked to and best of all, we had FUN!  These are experiences I hope my children will always remember and will hopefully influence them when they are responsible for making their own food choices.

What gets you or your children excited about food?

2 thoughts on “Market meals”

  • Jackie, great post and so relevant now. Since we started shopping at the markets 2 years ago, I save at least $100/week for our family of 5. The food is always amazing (though sometimes repetitive in winter) and the procuring…the journey makes each Saturday morning the family time I treasure.
    -side benefit, no packaging
    -drawback, fresh food takes up a lot of space in the fridge! what with all the carrot tops and non-stack-able shapes:)

    • Christi – that is awesome, I love that you do that with your family every week. I need to work on the saving money part, maybe you can give me some tips 🙂

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