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The Best Back to School Lunch Ideas

How was your summer?  Even though summer isn’t technically over, the back-to-school season has begun and with it comes mixed feelings of anxiousness and excitement.   Love the new clothes, gear and crisp chill in the air, not so fond of the early morning rush and the first week jitters.

My children have been keeping me pretty busy for the past few weeks, trying to pack in every possible ounce of fun, but in my free moments I’ve been secretly researching some great options for back to school lunches.  This weekend we will be going through their cookbooks and searching the internet for lunch ideas that they want to try.  Here is a list of some of the great resources I’ve found to make the search easier:

Not just for vegetarians, Vegetarian Times magazine has wonderful and fresh lunch ideas:

How about teaching your children to make their own lunch this year?  I’m so on board with this!

The AllRecipes website has a small but fun collection of healthy lunchbox recipes:

The Canadian Living test kitchen is serving up 5 new lunch ideas each week: 

Eating Well Magazine also has some healthy lunch ideas as well as a free mini-ebook that you can download: 

And if you want a refresher on the basics of what goes into a healthy lunch box, well look no further than my own website: 

What are your favourite lunch recipe resources, please share!

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