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2013: Looking forward to the year ahead

Culinary ChristmasThe new year officially starts for me on the day my kids go back to school.  I can finally say Happy New Year to you!  I took a little bloggy vacation this Christmas – deciding to instead focus on having fun with the family.  I’m hoping that you all had a super celebration, no matter what you did this holiday season, and that you have some fab things planned for 2013.

This is going to be the year that I make home-made bagels, vegetable and chicken stock, train for a half-marathon and renovate my home (and I will forgive myself if I fall short on any of those goals)!

I have some great new equipment, that I was given for Christmas, to work with:  a set of 10 Williams Sonoma glass mixing bowls (so luxurious), a new ice cream maker and my very own grain mill attachment for the mixer.   Some incredible kitchen adventures are in store for us!

No recipe to share with you today, but a little of the yummy food love that we experienced these last two weeks is pictured here:

Pineapple upside down cake with maple vanilla ice creamPineapple upside-down-cake with a side of vanilla/maple ice cream (new ice cream maker – love it).


Making sausagesVegetarians, look away!  My husband made sausages with his dad (instead of going to see the Hobbit with me).  They turned out pretty good, and it was a great father/son moment – I’m personally not a fan of pork, but these sausages do have a super flavour.


Choosing cheese at the St. Lawrence MarketShopping for cheese at St. Lawrence Market – Christmas eve.  Sophia will eat any cheese, any day, but I’m pleased to say that Sam tried something new and actually liked it (he has a palate for applewood smoked cheddar and is very reluctant to move on).  Now if I could only remember which cheese it was!

Leaving treats for SantaA plate of goodies for Santa and the reindeer.  Lucky guy, that’s Harmony Organic egg nog in the mug – if you’ve never tried this stuff then you probably shouldn’t…it’s way too creamy and good and you’ll buy it all and there’ll be none left for me next Christmas.


Cranberry pear muffinsCranberry/pear/pumpkin seed muffins – which I will share the recipe for, soon.  Here’s a great tip from a friend of mine – if your kids have a problem biting into the tartness of a whole cranberry then give them (the cranberries that is) a whir through the food processor before you bake with them.  All the great cranberry taste without the big, tart surprise!  Thanks for the idea Christi, we’re going through way more cranberries these days.

That’s just a little taste of our two week holiday, but it’s time to move on and embrace our daily life with a new vigour and passion.  I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.  Happy New Year!

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