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Superfood Finds at Costco

When Rick and I first got married we received a Costco membership as a present.  Having no need for industrial sized jars of Nutella or 12 packs of smoked oysters (and still don’t), we let the membership expire without much thought.  12 years, two children, and an opportunity to split a Costco membership with my sister have transpired since that time.

I was a reluctant customer at first – the odd bag of quinoa here and a large jar of almond butter there (which are glass jars now, yay!)  Then I found frozen, organic blueberries; ultra-light camping chairs and Roxy t-shirts; hemp hearts and coconut oil; and the list goes on.  Even so, I have been slightly embarrassed to fess up to some of the more environmentally conscious people in my life – surely there must be something wrong with shopping at Costco.  I’ve tried to find out what that might be, but I’m coming up short.  From what I read, they are a pretty ethical company.  They seem to treat their employees well, there’s less packaging than in most stores, and I don’t think you can even buy a bag to put your things in if you wanted to.

For sure, I’d rather spend my time at a farmer’s market (and I do, a LOT of time)…sometimes you just need to buy 30 rolls of toilet paper though.  It’s time to come out of the closet – I do shop at Costco and I’m always finding new and notable things.

My fabulous finds for today include:  2 pounds of organic strawberries for $5.99; 2 pounds of chia seeds for $17.59 (chia is expensive, this is a great deal!); and the one that got me most excited – 454 grams of Earth Greens Superfood Blend (a combo of baby kale, baby spinach and chard) for a mere $4.99.  Does anyone else see the makings of a fabulous smoothie here?

Superfoods from Costco

Perhaps not the most adventurous shopping experience out there, but I did have a long conversation in the parking lot about the health benefits of coconut oil.  That counts for something, right?


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