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Community Supported Agriculture – My First Delivery!

Contents of CSA delivery - Cooper's FarmAre you familiar with the butterfly effect?   You know, the one where the butterfly flaps its wings and a couple of weeks later a hurricane results?  I’m pretty sure there’s also such thing as the “schoolyard effect”.  In this case it’s the one where someone mentioned this great, big corn maze one day while we were waiting to pick up our children – and then two days later I’ve purchase my very first CSA share.


Corn Maze at Cooper's CSA Farm and Maze

On this particular Friday, I went home and Googled “giant corn maze, Uxbridge Ontario” and this is where I landed: Cooper’s CSA Farm and Maze.  That Sunday, we packed up the kids and drove out to get lost in the maze.  The sprawling corn labyrinth was awesome, as was the farm itself.  This isn’t a big “agritainment” destination complete with bouncy castles and the like.  It’s an actual working farm that has found a way to draw some crowds in to experience what a farm is all about.  You cannot help but absorb some knowledge about sustainable agriculture along the way.  The clincher for me was the tractor driven farm tour, led by the farmer himself.  The ride stops frequently so that farmer Steve can describe the different crops and animals and how everything is interdependent.  I love that whatever pumpkins were leftover from the harvest would be eaten by the pigs, and how the pastured chickens fertilize the fields so that sweet potatoes will grow well there the following season.

When making the hugely important decision of where to source the food that nourishes your family, the tip to “get to know your farmer, ask questions about how the food is grown and raised” often comes up.  This couldn’t be more true.  After some research, I found that Cooper’s does not use GMO seeds and that they avoid spraying the crops and chemical fertilizers as much as possible.  I feel so good about the eggs my family will eat this week and the salad that I’m going to make tonight!

These guys get moved each day to a new patch of the field.
These guys get moved each day to a new patch of the field.

Which bring me to the contents of my first Community Supported Agriculture delivery:

This was like opening a Christmas gift for me!  From farm to table, truly.

A big thank you to ALL those farmers whose hard work and dedication feed every one of us.



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