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Immune System Boosters

Immune Boosting SupplementsThere are 18.5 days until my children go back to school.  I’m counting the days, not because I’m so eager to get rid of them (we’ve had such a fun summer!), but because it’s 18.5 days until they are immersed into the perfect storm of germs > the classroom.

I try not to think about how often their desks have been washed (ever?), or the railings that they seem intent on clinging to with their bare hands every time they walk down the stairs.  I will not even imagine the lunchroom germs (shudder)!  Instead of letting my paranoia take hold, it’s time to bring out the Immune System Boosters and get ready for whatever comes our way.

We’ve gone a bit off course with some of our healthy habits during our summertime of wild fun.  And even though the adventures aren’t quite over, it’s time to get prepared for what’s around the corner.

Immune Boosting Supplements

These are my go to supplements for general health and an immune system boost all year long:

  1. A good probiotic.  I switch between a few different ones, but my current favourite for the kids is Udo’s Super 5 Plus Lozenge.
  2. Vitamin D3.  The one we are currently taking is by CanPrev and it also contains K2.  I give the kids a half dose (2 drops).
  3. Extra Vitamin C.  I’m giving them an extra dose of C each day leading up to school and will also do so at the first sign of any cold or sore throat etc.
  4. A whole food concentrate.  This has replaced our multi-vitamin and greens powder.  Juice Plus makes a great gummy for kids that contains 30 different fruits, vegetables and grains.
  5. Omega 3.  After trying several, we take NutraSea fish oil by Ascenta.  We all like the flavour and I see good results with consistent use.

Add all of that to some good sleeps, plenty of fresh fruits and veggies (it’s harvest season here – so this part is easy right now), lots of water and good old fashioned outdoor play – and I think we have a recipe for immune boosting success.  I will let you know how it goes!

Happy back-to-school.


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