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Complete lunches

Quinoa and Greens Bowl

Quinoa and Greens Bowl

This is MY favourite lunch! Hi friends, I’ve been up to all kinds of trouble lately – how about you, what have you been busy doing?  Recently some of my time has been spent planning a trip to Spain for my family, training for a […]

Lunch Mate Makeover

No matter how good you have it, there will always be someone out there who has something that you don’t have – something that you want.  In this case its a six-year-old wanting Schneider’s Lunch Mates for lunch.  He knows it will never happen, but it can’t […]

For lunch, with love

I’ve never been a big celebrator of Valentine’s Day (commercial holiday and all that…don’t judge me) but it’s pretty hard to resist doing something a little extra special for your kids today.  Opening their lunch boxes and finding a bit of extra love will warm their hearts and put smiles […]

The immune boosting lunch

There’s an annoying case of the sniffles going around my house.  It’s very minor, but it’s there and I’m getting down to the business of getting rid of it.  My kids are starting their week off with a packed lunch that is full of the […]